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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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Danny C.
San Diego, CA

I brought my two sons to race last weekend, and I'm happy to say the old mans still got it! Thank you L.A. Racing, for the great day!

Cheryl H.
Lakewood, CA

Thank you so very much for all the extra care you gave John on Father's Day. He had such an awesome time and can't stop talking about it. It was THE BEST EXPERIENCE. Thank You.

Chuck S.
Agoura Hills, CA

What a great Father's Day! My entire family was able to watch me having such an adrenaline rush and ear-to-ear smile, while driving that car #46, fulfilling one of those things on my 'bucket' list! Your Staff was great and very considerate, making the experience unforgetable. Before leaving I purchased another 20 laps for one of my Daughters! Thank you again for making my Father's Day so special!

Louis R.
Los Angeles, CA

Our corporate gathering could not have gone off better. Your staff was great and everyone had an incredible time! Not only will we be back for future 'outings', but a few of our best customers will be getting invitations too. I simply cannot think of a better way to say 'Thanks!'

Kyle K.
Las Vegas, NV

Are you kidding me!? This was so much fun! Thanks L.A. Racing for giving me the opportunity to flex my NASCAR muscles!!

Phil M.
Portland, OR

What a RUSH! I still can't get over how much fun I had at your facility. Thank you so much for everything!

William P.
Toluca Lake, CA

The single greatest gift I've ever received! I can't thank you guys enough for the awesome experience!

Danny C.
San Diego, CA

Last Saturday was my second time out, and I had even more fun than the first time! You said I would feel more comfortable and enjoy it more next time, and that could not be more right. Needless to say, I signed up for a third, you guys are great!

Aaron Wright
Highland Realty Capitol, Inc.

Every single person that attended had a great time. Thanks again for being so patient as we coordinated the event. You and your team did a great job.

Michael Leigh
CEO, Technology Market Force

The LA Racing team was awesome. Best $ for $ investment in self-help and potty-training anyone could ever make. Seriously - a fantastic day, experiencing some really cool people discovering new things about themselves, as well as great chemistry and camaraderie away from the incessant emails and phones. I actually got to do some creative thinking (especially just before turn 4 on lap 28). 11 out of 10 for fun,value, excitement and a complete vitality recharge. I am DEFINITELY signed-up for a repeat performance. No one disgraced themselves. The training was excellent and fun. And I'm still smiling. Just one more thought: after seeing what you get here for $500 for the day and remembering how much I have spent in the past on other corporate team-building experiences, I am thinking this is one of the best value deals you can do for a company-specific Executive-Team-Building Program.

Matt Jackson & Nancy Um
Legacy Private Academy

Dear Jim and Mark,

We would like to take the time to say thank you for a world class event at LA Racing. We felt like VIPs from the moment we stepped onto your facility with a personalized welcome sign and helpful staff. The organization and scheduling of this event was top notch and we felt confident that when we arrived everything would be ready to go. We were welcomed with yummy breakfast treats in the morning and couldn't wait to get on the track for the ride along. Our staff is still talking about the "adventure" and many are seeking to return on their own for a driving course in the future.

LA Racing is a great place to treat staff members to a little fun while providing some meaningful staff training in your conference room. We felt that this experience was like no other and we are definitely going to look into returning next year.

Thank you again for making this event possible.

Carol Wenzel
ACDelco - Market Area Manager

I wanted to again let you know what a great time I had at the Speedway Sunday and particularly getting to ride with Frank. It was awesome! Sunday was my first time at the raceway and will certainly go away with a whole different attitude about driving. Our customers had a blast and I'm anxious to see the video Steve Friedman shot with the customer comments.

I was wondering if you could let me know how many, if anyone, took advantage of the 50% off deal through ACDelco with scheduling future driving experiences. I'm putting together a write-up for my boss, Bill Fores, to present to our management next week on the success of this event.

Thanks, and please again extend my thanks to Frank for an unbelievable experience.

Jason Potter
President, Dynamic Motorsports Consulting


Just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard efforts making Sunday a success!!! I sincerely appreciate all your hard work and hopeful we can assist each other in the near future...

Please don't hesitate to ask if I can help your Team and their efforts in the future...

Dean Vogus
Angel Warehouse, Inc

I just wanted to send you a quick note to Thank You for your hospitality at our "Racing Experience" event. As hard as it is to get customers to attend ANY kind of event, as soon as they heard that we were doing it at your facility, they couldn't wait. When we were finished, the comments I heard back from everyone was they loved it and couldn't wait to go again. Because of the success of this first class, I plan on doing many more! Being able to have ONE on ONE contact with your customers in a non-work environment is PRICELESS!!!

Thanks again!

Steve Jenkins
Portland, OR

What a great experience! Thank You. I would like to explore budget and other things we should do for Scott to further his stockcar seat time. Frank your input would be invaluable. My take is to get him into a race with 30 other cars and let him have at it!! Fun Fun Fun!! Let's go racing!!!

Lanny Hood

I want to take a moment to thank ALL of you at LARX for the tremendous time I had on Sat. 11/4. You told me that you would get me back in the car and that I would do my 20 laps and you did! You all were incredibly patient and professional and that's exactly what I needed to have the experience of my life. I have given out some of your brochures and I will continue to let anyone who will listen that they should contact you and set a time to race. Again, thank you for the time of my life!

Mike Sheehan

Hi David/Hugh/Frank.

Thanks, much appreciated. Had a great time, everyone was helpful and professional. The 46 car ran great, but... damn... I went SLOWER! I was very comfortable in the car, and can only guess that I was too relaxed, didn't push hard enough.

Would like to do your school again sometime in late August, and would like to bring my kids and fiancé along, so that the kids can ride shotgun with the instructor, and my fiancé can try 10 laps. Would also like to do a Legend afternoon-night with my kids, fiancé and her kids, sometimes in late August.

Dave Schmidt

Thanks for a great day. The school was fantastic and your crew was a perfect mix of friendly and professional. We'll see you soon - in High Def!

Jimmy Neal
Dana Point, CA

Dear LARX,

I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU to you and your AWESOME Staff!! Yesterday could not have gone better!! You guys ROCK!!

Tony Dawson
PMI Energy Services

Mr. Blackwell, I would like to complement you and your staff on your operation. I am an old stock car racer, and I have been through the Richard Petty driving school 3 times; (California Speedway, Daytona and Disney World). Your operation is without a doubt the nicest I have been to. Your staff is incredibly professional and helpful. You have great, safe equipment. The cars flat out haul butt and I had a blast going through the school. Your instructors were very knowledgable, patient and I liked that they stressed safety as strongly as they did. Again, thank you for having such a great school... I will be back very soon.

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