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Adventure 20
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Without a doubt, our most popular program!

Same classroom instruction, same track, MORE in-car instruction gets you:

• advanced throttle and brake control
• faster laps
• more trust in your ability with the race car
• higher level of car control

Feel the Ultimate Rush of driving a stock car at speed...under your control

Class Price: $399.00
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Super Ride
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Not Ready to take the Wheel? Maybe you have driven and just want to get even CLOSER to the wall. Either way it is 7 laps of Pure Adrenaline Goodness!

Class Price: $159.00
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Competition Course
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If you think you've got what it takes and are serious about learning to race, or need to brush up on your racing skills, this is the program for you. Class size is typically 3 or 4 students for in depth classroom and personalized on track instruction.

The competition course is designed for new drivers that want to take racing to a higher level, drivers that come from different divisions of racing [go karts, modifieds, sprint cars, legends, trucks and midgets], even dirt and road course racers that desire experience on the crown jewel of short tracks.

Diversity program candidate? Future star of the stock car world? The new generations of drivers are welcomed to the competition course to prepare for upcoming testing with a high level of racing programs - ARCA, West Series, Busch Series, Hooters Cup, Craftsman Truck and more.

General Course Curriculum: [personalized for needs of students]

• walking the track.
• learn high/center/low line driving, alone and with up to four cars on track, in front and behind.
• learn to measure distances from being in a side-by-side racing situation with other qualified drivers - with identical • 3300 lbs super late model race cars.
• learning throttle control, trail braking techniques, passing and lead/follow techniques throughout.
• demonstrate new/honed skills in timed 5-lap qualifier.

Class Price: $1,895.00
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